Why you need a Chief Futures Officer and what he would tell you.

By 6th November 2015 April 27th, 2017 Design, Dreamr, Dreamr Manchester, Dreamr Review

I recently read an interesting article in the Guardian on the importance of having a Chief Futures Officer. After my immediate, What?! It suddenly dawned on me. What do the disruptors (Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon, Uber) of world have in common?

These companies think forwards, then even think of so far into the future I’m probably not even alive in their future vision. They’re thinking about the next big thing, the next piece of technology that will captivate the world. Apple’s rumoured to be looking to developing a car, well thats years away. Uber probably want driverless cars, I can’t wait for that.

Read the whole article here. http://bit.ly/1Mg9b4U


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