Why I’m starting a charity

By 10th May 2018 January 3rd, 2019 Pledge

Technology has always been a huge passion of mine, the past ten years it has been ingrained in everything I do.

Something else that is close to my heart is charity, and I have been involved in multiple charities across Greater Manchester for the past few years. I have been a trustee of The Booth Centre, a 22-year-old homeless charity for almost two years, and have loved every minute of it.

Today I’m combining those two passions by launching my a digital transformation charity, Pledge. A charity with a focus on supporting other charities to embrace ‘digital’ and transform the way operate. I hope that by doing this, I can give charities a competitive edge, in the ever-changing digital world.

While Pledge won’t carry out the digital projects, we will partner with local companies that will. Pledge’s will be guiding these charities with new ways of thinking and embracing change.

As a registered charity, Pledge will give all profits back to poverty-related causes that are making a real difference in Greater Manchester. This will also include something close to my heart, homelessness. Pledge is already working with three charities with digital transformation, and these projects are already making an impact.

Thank you for following my story so far, I’m excited to be sharing with you more of the next chapter in the coming weeks.


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