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Mylo Kaye What I'm working on

I get asked often, ‘What am I up to/working on?’ and it’s always difficult to talk about the things you’re working on without sounding a bit self-centred. Plus, I love to hear other peoples stories (podcast plug).

You will know I’m passionate about poverty reduction and tackling the ever-increasing rise of rough sleepers on the streets of Greater Manchester so this naturally forms a large part of what I do day-to-day.

My time is split as follows;

85% – Pledge
This is something I’ve been working on since January, and Pledge is a charity focused on reducing poverty in Greater Manchester. The main focus of Pledge will be grant-giving to other charities and social enterprises.
Pledge will also have a unique service, in that we will be able to offer other charities digital transformation services, to help them embrace technology and new ways of thinking to help transform how they operate.

Pledge is launching later this year.


10% – Fair by Design
I’m proud to be an investment advisor for Fair by Design; a £20 million fund and partnership between Big Society Capital, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Finance Birmingham and Ascension Ventures that aims to help those living in poverty in the UK.
We have already invested in two brilliant companies; Switchee & Wagestream.

If you are or know a someone that is interested in talking about how the fund could help your company, please get in touch with me.


5% – Booth Centre

I’m a trustee for a 22-year-old charity and day centre for people who are homeless. The Booth Centre helps people rebuild their confidence and learn something new while having fun. They run arts, employment and skills sessions daily and offer everyone a healthy breakfast and lunch.


Other things;

I still have a vested interest in Dreamr, but I’m not involved day-to-day. Dreamr is an app development agency I founded with my business partner. www.dreamr.uk

I have a podcast, which is out once a month. If you’re interested in being on the podcast and have an interesting story to tell, let me know.

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