Visiting San Francisco on the very first flight from Manchester.

Mylo Kaye visited San Francisco on the very first flight from Manchester. The visit saw him visit tech giants, Salesforce and LinkedIn. We find out what the trip has achieved and why it’s beneficial to fly direct from Manchester.What do you think the trip has achieved?

What do you think the trip has achieved?

Connecting Manchester to San Francisco will open up greater opportunities for our region and help stimulate the North through talent, investment and knowledge transfer.

Tech giants of Silicon Valley will now see how serious Manchester is in opening up the north of England and we’re poised to take advantage of this direct route to greater diversify our region’s digital economy.

How do you think Silicon Valley views the North of England tech scene? Has the trip made a difference?

I have met with some of San Francisco’s top companies, including GCA Altium, Twilio and GP Bullhound who view the North of England as a tech leader that demonstrates the strength and depth of tech from the UK.

San Francisco and Manchester have long had a connection with tech and this direct route from Manchester airport is our way of showing that the Northern Powerhouse is serious about connecting the North to the rest of the world.

Speaking to many businesses in the Bay Area, the overwhelming message is that this direct flight, which is around 10/11 hours that will enable the North to compete with the rest of the world’s competition with the likes of Dublin, Lisbon, Berlin.

Do you think the talent in Silicon Valley would be attracted to move across the Atlantic? Why?

The cost of living in North West is a huge incentive for talent in Silicon Valley to consider moving across the Atlantic.

With a one-bedroom apartment costing almost £3,000 per month in San Francisco, the new route direct into the heart of Manchester will open up a wealth of opportunities for talent looking to move to the North of England and enjoy a greater quality of life.

The North West is home to a diverse collection of tech companies, and with the Government’s Northern Powerhouses commitment, the North is positioned as the destination for talent across the pond to set up home.

What did you learn from the trip that might be of benefit?

Culture in many of the Silicon Valley companies is entirely different from that of the UK and rest of the world. Twilio, for example, has Lobster Tuesdays for all its staff. While this is an extreme example of what they do for their workforce, hearing more about how tech giants motivate and retain staff has given me a deeper insight into how I can bring back those examples and use within Dreamr.

What can the North learn from Silicon Valley?

I met a 21-year-old tech millionaire in a downtown San Francisco bar who recently sold his company for $40 million, and he’s ready to move onto his next venture. What the North can learn from that is not be afraid to have an idea and go out there and make it work. Failure isn’t a sign of failing; it’s a sign of having tried. If a 21-year-old can do it, we all can.

Us Brits are naturally reserved, polite and a bit too gentle. In Silicon Valley, where new tech is being released every day, it’s a tough environment to stay relevant in. I echo the message that we need to be bolder and be willing to shout about our business because if we don’t someone else will be shouting about there’s instead.

Do you think Silicon Valley investors are interested in investing in North of England tech?

Investors in Silicon Valley are always looking out for the next big thing, and the North of England is now positioned to attract top investors from San Francisco like never before. The improved access to the North will hep stimulate interest and open up opportunities for investors to consider the great tech and startups already in Manchester and the North.

Do you think there is a market for your services in the US?

In Silicon Valley, the cost to hire and retain top software developers is astronomically high. With the average app developer salary in the region of £100,000, it’s a competitive market for the brightest talent.

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