Corporate Social Responsibility

Mylo Kaye – why corporate social responsibility is everyone’s responsibility

Corporate social responsibility matters. Being a socially responsible business can boost your company’s image and build its brand. Being a socially responsible person can boost your own personal brand too. And, let’s face it, it feels really good to be socially responsible and make a difference.

There are tons of formal CSR programmes created and adopted by companies all over the world. And some people take it upon themselves to have their own personal ‘social responsibility’ ethos in life.

And what it all comes down to is purpose.

Why CSR and sustainability matters

In the corporate world, CSR connects companies and people to the causes we care about. It can lead to more job satisfaction, better retention, engagement, productivity, profit, and positive image.

Personally, it gives us purpose too, and that feel-good factor.

It builds a sense of purpose. Drive and community.

And it matters because it makes companies and people socially accountable to themselves and others. As we contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment.

In my personal blog, we’ll be examining all the different facets of CSR and sustainability. And looking at how we can use them for the greater good.

I also think there’s plenty that we can learn from companies and people who are getting it right, and wrong, around the world.

Therefore, in light of the world we’re finding ourselves in at the moment in the middle of a global pandemic – let’s look at what CSR and sustainability could look like in the future…

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