Why I chose to become an ambassador for National Coding Week

Mylo Kaye, CEO of award-winning Dreamr in Manchester discusses his passion for code and why he chose to become an ambassador for National Coding Week.

I’m from a large family in Wirral, Merseyside. When I grew up, I had a very inquisitive nature mind. This curious nature got me into trouble quite a few times but also meant that when my Mum gave me a desktop PC for finishing school, my mind began to explore all the possibilities of computing.

First I tried digital design, then PC repair, ultimately I became increasingly excited about coding something on a screen, then watching it come to life, my passion for HTML was born.

Ten years later I’m living my dream of having built a design and development agency with my business partner. After meeting at University, we decided to build a team of developers and designers and create websites and apps, now used across the world. Our team of 17 produce thought-provoking work that has been honoured with awards and worldwide recognition.

In 2016, we created Dreamr Academy, a programme to enable young people to explore the world of design and development. The Academy gives young college and school students the opportunity to learn new skills and work with industry experts like ourselves. An opportunity I never had, but want to make sure other do.

Supporting National Coding Week is close to our hearts and is aligned so much what we believe. By championing our industry and working with Richard and the National Coding Week team, we can all promote such a fantastic and creative industry sure to be around for decades to come.

National Coding Week Events:

Monday – Under-16s Guide to HTML – Walkden High School
Tuesday – Coding Your Way to a Development Career – Manchester Creative Studio
Wednesday – Teaching the Homeless to Code – Booth Centre – Then lunch with the Lord Mayor of Manchester
Thursday – I came I saw I coded – 400 Coders Challenge, aim to get 400 passers-by to code in 6 hours.
Friday – Food, Drink and networking – Manchester Rise – 6 PM – 9 PM (Open event, all welcome)

My Top Tips for getting into the dev industry.

1) Get out there- Attend local events, you’ll find most are free. Search Eventbrite for local coding meetups or conferences and meet people in the industry you want to work.
2) Focus – There so many different coding languages that sometimes it’s hard to specialise in one area. If you love websites, then learn HTML. If you find apps magical, then learn how to code in Swift. Focus on one area and be known for how good you area at it.
3) Don’t give up – Most jobs have ups and downs, with coding it can be the same. Stay passionate and stay in love with what you do, it will pay off.


Find out more here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dreamr-five-in-five-national-coding-week-tickets-27305761267?aff=ehomecard

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