Living my childhood dream (In California)

I have spent my entire life being inspired by the tech companies of the American west coast. The companies that power the world tech include non-other than Apple Microsoft, Airbnb and Google.

14 hours and two flights later I arrive at San Francisco international airport at around 10 pm. Ordering my Uber from the arrivals lounge I was at my apartment within 30 minutes, a quaint home in the heart of Oakland where I would spend the next three weeks.

The purpose of the trip, along with other Manchester businesses was to promote our tech scene and to create relationships to enable us Manchester based companies to expand to the states.

Arriving a few days before the Dreamforce conference and having time to meet with the UKTI San Fransisco team, I was able to gain huge insight from the multiple speakers at UKTI headquarters. Learning the cost of employment and tax insights, our speaker was able to give me a foundation of knowledge to use while in San Fransisco.

Making my way on the Metro at 7am the next day, I was on my way to downtown SF for the beginning of the cities biggest conference of the year, where I was one of 200,000 attendees traveled from all across the globe to see the likes of Mark Benioff, and Melinda Gates speak about tech.

Making my way through hordes of other tech enthusiasts I spent the next three days in between speakers and sessions ranging from tech for good, music and Philanthropy. Inspired by the people I met, meetings with tech leaders and meeting I was even more thrilled when invited to a private U2 conference, which was out of this world.

Finishing up at the conference with a notebook of big ideas and brain full to the brim, I jetted off to Los Angles to soak up the sights of, the Hollywood walk of fame and the Hollywood sign.

San Fransisco is a wonderful tech hub and tech heart of the United States. The tech founders, CEOs and enthusiasts I met were full of passion and excitement. My trip has shown to me that we in Manchester have a lot to learn from the West Coast tech scene. I’ve met with countless tech entrepreneurs with my job, and while I see passion, I don’t always see it from the Manchester tech community.

Passion comes from within and cannot be made out of anything. We all need to dig deep and find that one thing we love doing, that one thing you have to do. That one thing were passionate about.

Because, that’s where we will make the most difference in life, and where we can ultimately change the lives of most.

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