January 2020

By 25th January 2020 January 29th, 2020 Blog
Mylo Kaye Pledge CEO

I recently voluntarily offered an undertaking with the Insolvency Service for a company I started 6 years ago. This has widely been reported and for the right reasons.

While I take a break from all appointments, both companies, and charities, I wanted to write a blog post to say thank you to all those who have supported me and continue to support me.

I also wanted to say that recent comments on social media have taken a toll on my mental health and seeing hurtful and abusive tweets from respected business people within Manchester has made me question how easy it is to hurt someone online.

The comments from these people have directly, negatively, affected my mental health.

Twitter has become such a hateful place, where it’s very easy to hide behind a keyboard and write comments that have the potential to hurt someone’s feelings. All this happens without considering the consequences that it may have on that person’s life.

There is a lot more work that’s needed to be done to raise awareness of mental health and social media, and I hope that we all think about this more, now and in the future.

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