iPad Pro – First Impressions

By 27th November 2015 April 27th, 2017 Design, Dreamr, Dreamr Manchester, Dreamr Review, Technology

I made my way over to the Apple Store at the Manchester Arndale earlier, passing the Christmas Markets on my way and headed straight to the iPad Pro tables.

On picking up the iPad, I noticed a slight resemblance to holding a laptop, just without the keyboard. The screen is near enough the same size as my Macbook Pro, just a heck of a lot thinner and lighter.

First Impressions? It feels like an Apple product, smooth exterior, light, sexy and definitely something to show off to your friends or work colleagues.

It remarkably feels solid, however, something Apple really works hard to achieve considering almost all other tablets are made of plastic. Swiping my fingers across the screen felt normal, exactly what I’m used to with my iPad mini, it feels fast and responsive, but so it should for £679. Browsing the internet was nice, our company website looked great, actually sized quite well on the enormous screen.

I picked up the cool looking pencil next to the screen, and began writing on the screen, but to my amusement nothing happened. I’m not used to this with a normal a pencil, so I was a little confused. A nearby Apple Genus helped me by plugging the pencil into the iPad’s lightening port, and it synced automatically.

I opened up the drawing app and began sketching like I would on paper, there was some lag, but I don’t know if that was something I was doing wrong or a setting I didn’t configure. I don’t normally have this trouble with my HB’s.

After sketching nonsense for 5 minutes and getting a few looks from other people wanting to try this new piece of kit I decided to move on and head home.

Overall from a little playing I’m impressed that Apple has been able to keep the solid feel, gorgeous exterior and beautiful screen useable at just over 12 inches. I’m waiting for my delivery before I make an outright decision to if I would want to use one all the time, I guess like my iPad Mini, Watch, iPhone, they all serve a purpose at some point. I’d be intrigued to see if the iPad Pro really can fight for a spot in my already overcrowded Apple love affair.

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