Happy holidays: a message from Dreamr Head of Digital Mylo Kaye

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We all spend the holidays in a different way, some of us have the family around a dining room table with lots of food and drink, others spend it somewhere sunny, others, whether we like it or not spend it alone. However we like to spend our holidays, it’s always a great time to reflect.

What did we do, what did we achieve? How can I do things better or differently this year?

At Dreamr, we are always thinking forward, but to do that you have to look at what’s gone before. We’ve been able to expand our offering of services to more and more clients including offering more advanced website development using the Laravel framework, supporting our App Development team. App Development and Design have become super important for our customers, and I’m delighted and humbled to say that Dreamr is shortlisted for ‘Best App’ at the Northern Digital Awards 2016 for our work with Sole Exchange. I’m immensely proud of our team for this achievement.

Customer feedback has been tremendous, the feedback we’ve had from our clients has been more than positive, and this is a testament to the hard work our Dreamr team put into every single day.

Throughout 2015, we have invested in re-structuring our top management. Joined by Lynne Makinson-Walsh, who’s brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise from over 30 years in the financial services sector. Our new project manager starts with us in 2016 after spending the past few weeks getting up to speed on the Dreamr way of working. This role, although not new, will ensure projects have a tremendous amount of time and dedication, all with the sole purpose of creating beautiful work.

We’re privileged to have worked with clients from all over the world this year, some of whom have chosen Dreamr in preference to a more local London based or a more leading agency. Naming them all is difficult. However, I would like to say a huge thank you to Sole Exchange, Bluewater, My Mini Market Place, Sole Supplier, Equate, amongst many others for being such a joy to work with and I’m looking forward to your new projects in 2016.

I’m also very thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new service in 2016. Dreamr Review is a free new service aimed at helping to boost the functionality, design and security of mobile apps. Dreamr Review will use the Dreamr in Manchester team’s skills, and experience to help others create wonderful and exciting apps. More on the Dreamr Review.

Dreamr is growing organically and steadily, and only when we find the right people for the right roles do we expand our team. Our commitment to our clients is always paramount, and the fact that it’s such a pleasure to work with you makes this journey all the more special.

Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year!

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