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By 2nd November 2018 January 3rd, 2019 Mylo Kaye
Mylo Kaye - Dancing Homeless Charity

I’ve always been a fan of doing things that frighten me, for example doing a bungee jump in Mexico was the scariest thing I have ever done, other things are less extreme and more about opening your mind.

A charity that I love based in Liverpool has a yearly ‘Strictly’ competition, where ordinary people learn to dance and then one night in October dance it off with other contestants, all in the name of helping those less fortunate. This year it was for their local homeless projects.

I attended 2017’s event, it’s an enjoyable evening, with lots of great food, wine and the chance to either be amazed at the amateur dancing or laugh inside thinking, “You’ll never see me do that!”.

When I was asked by one f the Nugent team, I couldn’t say no. I thought to myself, what’s the worst that could happen.

Eight weeks of trying to fit lessons around my day-to-day work, I began to see that I could at least learn the routine that my dance partner was drilling into me, and somehow to my surprise, my feet were going in the right places. This was a scary experience, the night could either be downright embarrassing, or I could be that good I have a new hobby!

The excitement on the night was immense, adrenaline was flowing quite generously throughout my body, and I felt like I was on the actual strictly. Our performance was the Cha Cha Cha, and after hours and hours of rehearsals the weeks before, our time to perform came and went like a flash, the quickest 90 seconds I’ve ever experienced.

We never won the night, even though the judges scored us highly. I went away feeling like I won on a personal level. I took something I never knew I would ever do, or could do and learnt something new. The feeling of being able to dance was the best feeling, and it makes me want to do more things I can’t.

If you’re ever looking to try dancing, even if you can’t, Nugent is looking for dancers for next year!

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