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By 20th December 2016 January 3rd, 2019 Design, Dreamr, Dreamr UK Mylo Kaye

Every year I write a message to all our Dreamrs to talk about the great things that have happened throughout the year. 2016 is no different; it’s just taking me longer and longer each year.

This year we’re joined by some amazing people, Xav, Seb, Alba, Mailen, Harry, TomL, and Nathan.

That’s a lot of new faces for one year and when hiring new Dreamr’s they face a huge challenge with getting a job. Not only do they need to be passionate and open to change, a lot of the time I get a feeling when someone is the right person, and I got that same feeling with our new faces.

Sebastian who joins us from an entrepreneur background, but also as a model (apparently) and I’ve seen such a huge commitment from him in the six months here already; his role is pinnacle to Dreamr, and his hard work is shown in the wonderful clients we’ve had recently.

Ed has had a tremendous year working throughout multiple ups and downs, while coaching Annie and providing support to the entire company. A rock to the iOS team, his knowledge has proved invaluable and I appreciate this dedication year on year since being with Dreamr from day one.

Alba joined us in a new dedicated role as PM, and I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and constant hard work in project planning and ensuring the team and projects run smoothly. Always face down and e grossed in ensuring a smooth project, I couldn’t see a Dreamr without her.

Harry joined us this year too, and for me, I feel like he’s been here since the beginning, always willing to help others and consistently working to help our clients see their project run a smoothly on Android. I’m thankful that we’ve got someone like Harry, who Alba and Lynne constantly tell me great things about.

Structurally Dreamr has evolved massively regarding how we do things and the way we do them. WOW’s are a part of normal Dreamr life, the opportunity to learn in this way means people I speak to within our industry always say how amazing it is to have this time every week, we’re getting better and making sure it’s not done.

Tony and Ryan joined forces to create ‘Dreamr Futuro’, our way of cementing the future of exploring new technologies, initially in VR but in the coming months, even more of you will be able to look at Data and artificial intelligence.

Recently I spoke about rewarding long-serving Dreamr’s for their commitment to the company with a tax-free financial reward after years of service. This reward is something close to my heart, as I believe that dedication and loyalty in this day and age are hard to come by, and so should be rewarded. This is being finalised and will be in the handbook in the New Year.

Tom was promoted to Marketing Manager, a role that is deserved for the hard work he puts in 24/7. Having worked with Tom for over three years, and two at Dreamr I admire his determination of working as an apprentice and working his way to a role that encapsulates what he does.

Ted continues to lead the iOS team, while at the same time helping Dreamr improve on processes and ways of working better together. Trailing ‘Home Working’ for the past six months has provided me with great feedback, and I’m hoping to announce more on this in 2017.

Dreamr’s first baby was announced, Annie and Spiros will welcome (Insert bizarre name from Jack) into the world in 2017, and I’m sure we’ll join in wishing Annie an amazing and exciting 2017.

Our new office is our new home. Outgrowing bridge street was a long time coming, and the right place had to be found before making the leap. We’re now comfortably settled into this excellent place, that I’m proud to show visitors. The office is constant improving with plans on making the space even more open and inviting. Stay tuned.

The third annual Dreamr Awards & Xmas party took place last week, and I love this event out of anything we do. It was the perfect time to celebrate the hard work and dedication you all have and to have a bit of fun as well. There were a few new categories this year, and even though not everyone won, that doesn’t take away from the passion you all have and do every single day at Dreamr.

This year like the past we have had our annual Xmas party. Seeing the team come together for this annual event, makes me euphoric.  This event, unlike the traditional Xmas dinner most companies have, is a time to get together and celebrate the past year and to think about the next.

2017 sees us implement ISO:9001 quality management, which aims to streamline and improve how we do things in all parts of the business, recruitment, finance and development. This certification means we will be able to attract bigger brands and customers.

As part of our three-year plan in the handbook, we’ll continue to hire in the company and improve and build upon areas such as senior management, customer service and development teams.

Virtual reality is a huge focus for us in 2017, and recently we were approached by MMU and Salford Uni to work together on VR projects, this has got me very excited, and I know Tony and Ryan share the same feelings.

As my role as also changed in the past 12 months, I spend more and more time strategising and planning our way to the future and the goal of being the number one agency in Manchester. This has meant a lot of time outside of the office and meeting with the major figures within our sector. The connections I’ve made in the past few months has meant numerous trips abroad to promote Dreamr and the Manchester tech community. If any of you are ever interested in what I get up to, I’d love for you to spend the day with me in 2017.

I’m proud to call each and every one of you a Dreamr; the word has so many meanings for our clients and us internally. I see a Dreamr in all of you, every day. I see passion and dedication, loyalty and creativity.

As we celebrate 2016, I ask that you look forward to 2017 where we get better and better at what we do. Our passion to create amazing experiences is something no one can take away from us, as we continue to build a stronger team and brand we are building a company for the future, you’re all part of the journey, and for that I am grateful.

I hope you’ve had an exciting year and let’s look forward to what an exciting journey it will be in 2017.


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