30 Lessons I’ve learnt before I’m 30

By 15th September 2016 January 3rd, 2019 Dreamr Manchester, Dreamr UK Mylo Kaye, Mylo Kaye

In just two weeks I become the ripe old age of 30. Birthdays at the Dreamr office become known a few days before, then we have celebrations with the team. This birthday for me started around eight months ago when I was kindly reminded in passing; ‘oh you’re thirty soon’.

It wasn’t all bad; I was being asked to ‘try’ thirty things I’ve not done, before my 30th birthday. While I initially enjoyed the idea of jumping out of a plane, eating tuna, and other ideas I decided it may not be realistic.

So, it was agreed I list the thirty most valuable lessons I’ve learnt throughout my life. I thought this was going to be quite difficult, albeit it was easier than finding thirty things I’ve not tried.
1) Don’t tell anyone your age. (Only if you don’t like surprises)

2) A roof over your head is all you need to be happy (My Mum)

3) Trust everyone (At least once)

4) Realise you can’t always be good at everything

5) Money can’t buy happiness (But it can open up opportunities)

6) Everyone has the right to an opinion (Even if you don’t like it)

7) Follow your heart (Most of the time)

8) Mums are not always right (Just don’t tell them)

9) Forgive and forget the simple things

10) Spend time reflecting

11) Love what you do

12) Dream once in a while

13) Have a purpose

14) Learn from your mistakes

15) Failure is okay (See, 14)

16) Fear is just an illusion

17) Age is just a number

18) Admit when you’re wrong

19) The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

20) Don’t resist change

21) Let other people make their own mistakes

22) Don’t let worry consume you

23) Work hard and play hard

24) Words matter (Use them wisely)

25) You won’t always understand everyone

26) Write a list of 30 life lessons before you’re 30

27) Don’t let the past consume your future

28) Talk less, do more

29) Speak honestly (but with compassion)

30) Believe in yourself

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