Mylo Kaye is a wellness coach and mental health advocate based in Manchester, U.K.

Having spent years coaching and developing others, Mylo loves nothing more than hearing how other people tick and how he can help make their visions come to life.

Mylo has spent the last decade build teams in and around Manchester and is passionate about creating environments where all genders, ethnicities, sexualities and views are welcome.

In the past five years, Mylo has coached and developed others in and around: work, home-life, relationships, entrepreneurship and more.

A keen volunteer he dedicated weekly time to DePaul, a young person’s charity, where he mentors and coaches young people to a brighter future.

A trainee counsellor, Mylo is working towards a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accreditation.

In his spare time, Mylo is a licenced aerial photographer and shares videos and content over on www.mylo-kaye-aerial.com

Mylo Kaye – on the future

“2020 has been quite a year. Going through the COVID-19 pandemic is making many people I know reassess what really matters.

“I’ve worked towards becoming a qualified counsellor. Having realised just how important mental and physical wellbeing is for everyone. So, as well as sharing important business and sustainability advice and tips, I’ll be discussing my counselling journey. I’ll also be talking about why I want to be part of the pandemic recovery when it comes to people’s mental health.” Mylo Kaye. 

Mylo is an advocate for good mental health.

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