Corporate Social Responsibility And Sustainability Thought Leader and Trainee Counsellor

Mylo Kaye is an experienced communications professional who is passionate about helping people and businesses to make a difference through CSR and sustainability.

Here he’s sharing his thoughts and opinions on all things CSR and sustainability.

Mylo is also on a new journey. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us reflect on the past, present, and on the future… and what that looks like post lockdown.

For Mylo, it’s made him rethink his career. Now, he’s on an inspired new journey as a trainee counsellor.

Mylo Kaye – on the future

“2020 has been quite a year. Going through the COVID-19 pandemic is making many people I know reassess what really matters.

“I’m now working towards becoming a qualified counsellor. Having realised just how important mental and physical wellbeing is for everyone. So, as well as sharing important business and CSR advice and tips, I’ll be discussing my counselling journey. I’ll also be talking about why I want to be part of the pandemic recovery, when it comes to people’s mental health.” Mylo Kaye. 

Mylo is an advocate for good mental health.

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